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Meet Thuy (Twee)

On April 30, 1975, the last helicopter to leave the roof of a diplomatic compound in Saigon, Vietnam lifted off. As these last few people, so desperate to escape the coming holocaust, huddled with their families, the relentless Communist army bore down on the city’s people. Among the refugees was Thuy Lowe and her family.

When Thuy landed in America, she knew only two English words - “yes” and “OK” - but committed herself to learning English and becoming an American. Thuy and her family came to America as Vietnamese refugees with only the clothing on their back. They began building their new lives in America with the temporary assistance of a church in Winter Park and temporary support from the social welfare system. After a few years of hard work and perseverance, Thuy's father became a proud business owner.

Like many immigrants, Thuy has an intense love of America and the way of life that many take for granted. In spite of some gains in economic reform, Vietnam still displays government suppression, little political freedom and even less respect for civil liberties and human rights. Thuy feels very fortunate to live in America where citizens have rights, and people have opportunities to be self-reliant in this free-enterprise system.

As a proud American, Thuy is running for U.S. Congress in District 10 in an open seat. Thuy wants to protect the coutry she loves and pursue political and economic policies that empower the people of our communities to embrace economic freedom. Her constituents deserve the benefits of a prosperous, expanding economy that provides everyone, regardless of origin, nationality, color or creed, with the opportunity for a job, or better yet, the opportunity to create a business that they can pass on to their children.

Thuy is the oldest of five children. She grew up in Orlando and graduated from UCF with a Bachelor of Science in business marketing.  With only $50, Thuy started a non-emergency medical transport company. She earned contracts to serve residents in communities across Orange, Seminole and Osceola counties. The company grew to a fleet of 10 venhicles and 15 employees.

When her children were born, she left the business world, became a full-time mom and began investing in real estate. Thuy devoted much of her time to working with students, teachers and the school district.  In fact, she was the volunteer of the year at Mount Dora Middle School for four consecutive years.

She is a 3rd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a past member of the Rotary Club of Lake County Golden Triangle.

Thuy is living the American dream, and she wants to do everything that she can to extend opportunities to the residents of Congressional District 10.
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